#SaveTheData FAQ

I’m failing to see how this is helping people more than the Datasketch start-up.

The tools we are building are open source, so any one would benefit from de software development independent of us, provided it is properly documented.

It is indeed very difficult to mobilize local change, but we see an important approach in doing it with facts and visualization, unfortunately it is still unreachable for smaller organizations, or even small teams inside large orgs. Building capacities is also very important, this why we also provide trainings for local communities in the rewards themselves. More open source “apps” that account for local challenges with local data we believe is the way to go.

In Colombia, we helped the government organize and communicate to most complete database of the Colombian conflict (eventually used with the peace agreemen with FARC), it would be great if more orgs could do it by themselves online.

Anyway, I do not mean to extend myself. Here is some more background if you are interested.

And you are right, we need to work better on our message, any feedback highly appreciated!